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Credit Card Processing for MLM ISVs
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Credit Card Processing for MLM ISVs

When the SaaS revolution started, ISVs quickly found the best way to offer unique selling points was to focus on specific market niches, such as multi-level marketing and network marketing.  By providing a mix of common services (e.g. content management and e-commerce solutions) with solutions built specifically for an industry's needs (e.g. commissions, party planning, up and down-line visibility), an ISV that entered a niche early could dominate.

The days of early entry and market domination for most niches are long gone.  Even a specific space like network marketing is crowded, with dozens of ISVs competing for a share of a finite market.  ISVs are switching focus from rolling the products to suit the niche, to differentiating themselves in areas such as cost, customer service, and new features that evolve with the industry.

 One area that is often overlooked is payments:

  • The payments you collect from your clients.
  • The payments your clients collect from their customers.
  • The integrations that connect payment information to other systems.
  • The security issues that are woven throughout payment collection and storage.
  • The opportunities to increase profit, cut costs and offer new services in this one specific area.

If your MLM-focused ISV is rolling your own payment solutions, implementing your own payment gateway connections, or getting bogged down in security and compliance issues... stop!  At CardConnect, we provide payment processing solutions and integrations that allow ISVs to generate new revenue streams, cut management costs and offer their clients new and unique services.

Why are ISVs in the MLM and network marketing space moving to CardConnect by the dozens?

  • Amazing Integration Support
  • Omni-Channel Integration
  • CardPointe and CoPilot Portals
  • Security
  • Sales and Marketing Support
  • Best-In-Class Reporting and Business Intelligence Tools
  • Service

Let's review a number of the benefits... and how you can quickly leverage the CardConnect suite of services to not only improve your business, but the services you offer your MLM networks and distributors.

Integration Support

The moment your firm signs on with CardConnect, our team is available to make your integration painless.  Once the partner agreement is in place, a team dedicated to activating the integration process customized for each partner steps in.  These professionals work with your team to ensure all paperwork is completed to kick off the integration.  And help you choose which parts of our solution are right for your needs - utilize our entire environment, or pick only the components and APIs that you need.

Omni-Channel Integrations

One simple integration is all you need to connect your ERP, CRM, web store, mobile app, POS or other legacy order entry system to our PCI-validated gateway and patented security technologies for reliable payment processing.

The CardConnect ecosystem provides well-documented API integrations that cover both card present transactions (via our Bolt P2PE devices or mobile devices) and card not present payments via eCommerce APIs and mobile SDKs.

The Suite: CardPointe, CoPilot and CardSecure


For your customers, our CardPointe system is a complete platform for businesses that allows them to simply and securely integrate, accept and manage payments:

  • Transaction Management: Easy-to-use portal manages all transactions and reports.
  • Countertop Terminal: For swipe and dip transactions, protected by P2PE.
  • Virtual Terminal: Browser-based POS system for desktop, laptop and mobile devices.
  • Mobile App + Device: Free app and compatible devices for on-the-go businesses.
  • Hosted Payment Page: Customizable and highly secure solution ready in minutes.
  • Integrations and Add-Ons: Shopping carts, accounting software and more are available.

Our partner management service — CoPilot — is the most powerful partner portal in payments.  It provides a seamless merchant enrollment process backed by detailed reporting and advanced management tools.

And all wrapped in a blanket of security provided by CardSecure, including patented tokenization technology and point-to-point encryption (P2PE) throughout the environment.

Security and PCI-Scope Reduction

With CardSecure, all transactions and transmissions are backed by our patented tokenization and PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE).  This powerful combination drastically reduces the scope of PCI-DSS audits and safeguards payments against sophisticated cyber security threats.  With CardSecure you get:

  • Ultimate Protection: Most effective way to secure cardholder data for swiped, dipped and keyed transactions.
  • Maximum PCI Scope Reduction: Reduce your SAQ to 26 questions, with the potential to eliminate it entirely.
  • Malware Isolation: Stops an infected device in its tracks from spreading malware to an entire fleet of terminals.

Sales and Marketing Support

The CardConnect team is available to both our partners and their merchants around the clock, 24/7.  CardConnect partners work with staff dedicated to the ongoing support of your integration and customer base.  And with the CoPilot platform by your side, you'll always have direct access to our Customer Service, Underwriting and Technology teams — making it easy to manage your merchants, with insight every step of the way.

At CardConnect, we don't only provide technology and security solutions... we provide business solutions.  From profit sharing and upfront incentives, to marketing and sales support, we constantly strive to realize a "win-win" result throughout your client acquisition funnel.

Our marketing team will provide resources and develop campaigns to promote the integrated platform to your current and future customers.  They are committed to building a partner-specific marketing plan to grow the partnership through multiple channels  customized to suit your needs and your sector.

Simple Merchant Onboarding

CoPilot is the most powerful partner portal in in the payments industry, providing seamless merchant enrollment backed by detailed reporting and advanced tools.  Achieve fast and easy merchant enrollment via pricing templates, an online application and direct integration with CardPointe — resulting in just four easy steps for merchants to get started.  It features:

  • Paperless applications
  • Application and product status tracking
  • Dashboard with KPIs
  • Detailed residual reporting
  • Customizable pricing templates
  • Automated boarding and underwriting
  • Advanced ticketing system
  • Merchant processing details
  • Email subscription management


At CardConnect, we strive to provide best-in-class solutions and security for the payment processing needs of ISVs.  But equally important, we aim to build partnerships with our ISVs.  From our dedicated onboarding teams that work with you from day one, to our sales and support initiatives that stand side-by-side with your business goals.  You succeed when your MLM distributors succeed.  We succeed when you succeed.  Contact CardConnect today, and learn more about what a payment partnership means to us!

by Naim Hamdar

After flying out to Cleveland and meeting with CardConnect’s original founder Brian Shanahan and current CEO Jeff Shanahan, Naim immediately saw the writing on the wall and launched the CardConnect FL office in 2006. He brings a plethora of B2B sales and management experience. Through passion, tenacity, and innovation, Naim leads the FL office by creating the vision and empowering his team to bring it to life. Naim is dedicated son, father to two adorable twin boy and girl, is married to his best friend and an active athlete. He approaches life with a great deal of logic, spirituality and thrives on a well-balanced life.

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